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A place for fans of all ages to squee over the talented, SEXY actor Hayden Christensen.
Do you adore Hayden? Do you watch his movies over and over? Have you ever been un-friended on LJ because you've lusted after him one too many times in your personal journal? Have you ever been arrested for stalking him? (okay, so the last one was a bit extreme <.< ) Post your pictures, icons, banners, artwork, poems, questions, discussions on his work, fangirl/fanboy gushing... anything goes! As long as it's related to Hayden Christensen or one of the characters he portrays.

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~ R U L E S ~

1. Play nice. Be respectful of each other. No flame wars.

2. Squee. Squee a lot. And drool on your keyboard!

3. The LJ-cut is your friend. The following belong behind a cut:
-Large images
-Multiple images
-Any content that's rated R or NC-17 (please post a WARNING outside of the cut or in the cut text)

If in doubt, cut it. Don't know how to cut? Here's a handy dandy link to the lj cut section of the FAQ.

4. Post warnings when appropriate. This applies to R or NC-17 rated posts as well as posts containing movie spoilers. Not everyone is able to go see Hayden's movies on opening weekend (poor fools!). Also, keep in mind that release dates can vary by country. Anything that's been out for more than a year (like, say, Revenge of the Sith - if you haven't seen that by now... my sympathies!) is fair game.

If in doubt, include a warning outside of the cut, or in the title of your post.

5. Off-topic posts will be deleted. This is a Hayden Christensen community. Hayden Hayden Hayden. That's all!

6. Promotion of other communities is allowed. If you're promoting something that's not Hayden-related, though, you better throw in something Haydentastic (see Rule #5).

7. Lurking is allowed. No introductory post required (if you want to post one, though, that's cool too!). No activity requirements. You can lurk here as long as you want.

Optional introductory post form:

Questions? Concerns? Email me at lumy12 @ livejournal.com.


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