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Hayden Christensen Fans

New here!

Hayden Christensen Fans

Beautiful Boy

New here!

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Hey guys! I'm new here so bear with me. I thought it would be cool to say that I'm doing a research paper on Anakin Skywalker. I'll also be presenting it at this scholars conference. O_O I'm screwed. But whatever, as long as I get an excuse to show Hayden's lovely face on my powerpoint presentation to a full house, then power to me, right? :P It was this research that got me interested in Hayden. It's really awesome that he's my age! *_* It's wierd because I used to have crushes on actors that were usually twice my age. Now, I'm older and have crushes on guys that are actually in my age group. First Cillian and now hayden. *_* I never realized my generation has such awesome hotties.

BTW, anyone play videogames here? I'm a huge fan of Devil May Cry. I think Hayden would be superb to play vergil. *_*  What do you guys think?

Well, technically, hayden could play Vergil *and* Dante since they're twins. ^_^

And for some hayden hottness...

Sexiness... *__*  BTW, anyone know Hayden's Myspace page? I'm so ticked off that a lotta guys are impersonating him. >.<
  • Hi! I'm not familiar with that game, unfortunately. But how cool that you're doing a paper on Anakin. Why didn't I ever do cool research papers like that when I was in school? Heh. What's the focus of the paper?

    I used to crush on guys much older than me... then all of a sudden it changed to much younger than me. I skipped the "my age" part entirely! (though Hayden's not THAT much younger... 7 years!)
    • hahah, the paper is kinda out there. Because it's gonna get published I'm not sure if I can state much about it. But I will say it deals with masculine gender roles. My class really raised their eyebrows. It's kinda... controversial, actually. I didn't think it would be, but half my class was able to pick up on some underlying messages my paper was throwing around. The person who was doing her topic on transexuals had a real big fit over it. O_o

      It strikes me so wierd, you know. I had no idea that Hayden was my age. Then I saw 1981 and went... @_@ It makes me feel both sad and happy actually. On the one hand, I realize I'm getting older. I never thought I was an "adult" until I saw Christensen's age. On the other, I'm seeing my generation finally blossom. It makes me want to work extra hard so I can contribute to it. Cillian Murphy (only 4 years older than me) and now Hayden Christensen... I mean, wow, these guys actually listened to the same music I listened to and saw the same movies. I was amazed when I read about Cillian growing up with "Aliens". ^_^ I can't wait to read more about Hayden to know more about him. I will say, though, he's a unique specimen. He actually likes farming??? O_o Oooh, so cool. ^_^
      • Ohhh controversial paper! Extra good luck to you, then! :)

        So you're motivated to go out and conquer the world, that's good! You're still so young! (I am too, depending on who you talk to!)

        Yeah, he likes pigs and farming. Mmmmm, farmy!Hayden... (minus the smells, of course! hehehe)
        • Yeah, I'm already getting butterflies. I'm actually gonna present this paper to fellow scholars who've been doing their own research projects. O_o Oh well, at least I can look at Hayden during my powerpoint presentation and get some good vibes.

          BTW, I love you avatar! *___* (drools over her keyboard)

          Heheh, I can just imagine Hayden holding a pitch fork and wearing a blue-jean overalls with no shirt underneath (drools even more). The dude's a stud. He can clean by barn *anytime*. ^_^
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